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Lady Slippers

Lady Slippers


By John N. Fitch.

Our Frame size is 22" x 25",

all sizes are approximate


Produced using only the finest of materials, our fine art paper  truly captures the detail and movement of each piece. Beautifully framed using a moulding that will complement any decor.

Frame Finish
  • About the artist . . .

    John Nugent Fitch (1840 - 1927), was a botanical illustrator and lithographer, best known for his contribution of 528 plates to The Orchid Album, a landmark work of eleven volumes published between 1872 and 1897. Fitch was the nephew of botanical artist

    Walter Hood Fitch (1817-1892). Fitch also contributed to Curtis's Botanical Magazine from 1878, joining a select group of illustrators such as William Kilburn, James Sowerby, Sydenham Edwards, William Jackson Hooker and Walter Hood Fitch. Fitch also produced plates for Lepidoptera Indica by Frederic Moore.

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