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John James Audubon and M Bernard Loates medallion



The award winning recreation of Birds of America. The M Bernard Loates Edition

pioneered new artist techniques, new proprietary lithography techniques - the final finished edition was celebrated with a day named after Mr. Loates in recognition of

his outstanding achievements.

Please contact us direct if you are interested in the

few remaining portfolios that revolutionized limited editions.

"the finest recreation of Audubon's work I have ever seen. It is a monumental effort that will go down in history."

Ronald Dobson, Audubon Scholar

Times Union Newspaper, March 12,1989, Albany, New York



  • Based upon Havell's Edition of Audubon's original works, and edition of 1,000.

  • Deluxe casing, illustrated text, and five original graphics on exclusive M Bernard Loates Stallion Vellum.

  • Over 60 colours laid down in a proprietary screenless printing method. 

  • Double elephant size, 26.5" x 39.5"

  • Each signed and numbered by the publisher, M.Bernard Loates.












Introductory Edition

  • Blue-Winged Warbler, Great Egret, Key West Quail Dove, Little Blue Heron and the Sandhill Crane

Tribute I Edition

  • Baltimore Oriole, Great Blue Heron, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Whooping Crane and the Wood Duck

Tribute II Edition

  • Carolina Parakeet, Common Grackle, Double Crested Cormorant, Snowy Egret and the Screech Owl. A single release of the Red Shouldered Hawk was included.



Our Folio Editions are available in single releases, while the inventory lasts.



Recreated using Loates' proprietary process with the finest of screens on fine art paper with NO watermark, over 10 colours were laid down for each print.  This release includes chopmarks, plate embossing and signed by the Publisher, M. Bernard Loates.

Published by request for a charity program this release was accompanied by several Original M.Bernard Loates Audubon single releases, differentiated by the exclusive watermarked M Bernard Loates Stallion Vellum fine art paper and the proprieteary screenless printing method.

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