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white book series


Cerebrus Publishing imprint logo

Established in 1975, M Bernard Loates is a leader in publishing Canadian Fine Art books. He has consistently won awards and accolades for each of his releases.

Mr Loates created Cerebrus Publishing as the imprint for his trade books. They are denoted by a colophon or logo which is a stylized CP representing a bookmark in an open book.

MB Loates Publishing is the imprint for the limited edition books. They are denoted by the colophon shown. It represents both the initials of the Publisher and a child's head over an open book.

Talisman Marque is the imprint for the limited edition folios of art, usually signed by the artist after publication. The colophon is a stylized T M.

M Bernard Loates, the White Book series was introduced in 2010 with the release of the limited edition book, Where the Universe Sings, Lawren Harris. On a shelf of busy, colourful books, the white edition stands alone. The simplistic white cover was a perfect foil to the other artbooks lining the shelves.

The White Book series expanded to include trade books with the publication of All of the Colours, Christian Morrisseau in 2016. This was followed by the release of Loon Dance, Cecil H Ivey in 2019.

future releases
the white book series

10,000 Steps

A Photographic Journey

Karen Loates


Light Has No Shadow

Maud Lewis

Karen Loates


100 Years

Norval Morrisseau

Karen Loates


A Tangled Garden

JEH MacDonald

Paul Duval, AJ Casson and M Bernard Loates


Maria Chapdelaine

C Gagnon

Louis Hémon


Oil & Water

AJ Casson

Paul Duval and M Bernard Loates

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