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in pursuit of quality

M Bernard Loates woodblock style


a private press

As the founder of A Private Press, Bernard has always embraced the philosophy and work ethic of the private press movement. His pursuit of excellence in the field of publishing and art has garnered numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his talent.

Bernard’s work has taken him from the White House to 24 Sussex Avenue, including a series of television interviews and lecture tours of the universities in the United States. 


Bernard also became the first Canadian to be honoured as Artist of the Year in the United States. That same year the City of Mobile, Alabama declared the 21st day of September, M. Bernard Loates Day, accompanied by a key to the City.

Both Casson and Bernard’s personal friendship with Bob and Signe McMichael who gave him uncompromised access to the McMichael Gallery’s Group of Seven artwork contributed to his passion for the Group of Seven and their art. This passion led Bernard to release a number of titles in the true private press manner.

In 1997 Somerville Editions™ was established, named after Loates' wife who jointly developed the product. The gold thistle was chosen as a nod to Somerville's scottish heritage as a sign of resiliency and pride. 

Originally the size of the artwork was smaller than was being offered, and authenticated with the gold embossed thistle and blind embossed "chopmarks" on the bottom edge. As demand increased, Somerville Editions™ offered differing sizes and materials.

somerville editions

Somerville Editions gold thistle
Innovative Fundraisers IF logo


Helping charities through art since 1987.

What if . . . a single purchase of art, helps find a cure for cancer? 

Innovative Fundraisers -  helping charities reach their goals in raising funds for just such a cause. Proceeds from the sale of art on this site is donated to charity.

Established in the late 90's, A Private Press combined all of the practices and techniques created and invented by our founder into one company. 

The pursuit of quality has no limits and continues to be a heartfelt quest for Bernard Loates.

A Private Press logo
M Bernard Loates gold griffin

our embossed GRIFFIN

Traditionally known for guarding treasures and possessions, griffins are protectors of fine art. An apt symbol used by the publisher when releasing special limited editions.

This has been used by the publisher since the mid 70s, gracing such releases as A.J.Casson's work.

cerebrus publishing

A humble beginning in 1975, Bernard Loates launched a publishing career of fine art books that spans decades. In 2010, Loates established a new line of fine art books - The White Book series, beginning with Where the Universe Sings, Lawren Harris.  New titles are added to the White Book series, along with special limited edition releases under the imprint MB Loates Publishing.

Cerebrus Publishing imprint logo
Intelliquad IQ logo


Intelliquad is a technique pioneered by Bernard Loates in lithography, garnering him the designation of Master Lithographer in the 1980s.

It allowed multiple colours to be used on fine art paper with brilliant, crisp colours. An impossible task before.

Along with his wife, Karen Somerville, this technique was adapted to the digital world of printing in the 1990s. It is still an unrivaled technique used exclusively by A Private Press.

Mickey Mouse ©disney

"If you can dream it,

you can do it."


Walt Disney   

Helping charities through art since 1987

our inspiration

By following my dreams I have had a career of doing the " impossible ", winning awards along the way . . .

                              . . . but I have also had a lifetime that has been touched by sudden tragedy and illness. Some battles were won, some were not. And some are still being waged.


The concept of combining my love of publishing art with an opportunity to help raise funds where ultimately the proceeds would help with the many facets of the fight against devastating health issues is my new dream and purpose.









Our logo reminds us of this purpose, the simple " I F ", arms joined together, demonstrating the teamwork of this venture.

Innovative Fundraisers IF logo

Bernard Loates Publisher

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