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By Lawren Harris.

Our Frame size is 28" x 30",

all sizes are approximate


Produced using only the finest of materials, our fine art paper  truly captures the detail and movement of each piece. Beautifully framed using a moulding that will complement any decor.

Frame Finish
  • About the artist . . .

    Harris played a key role as a catalyst in Canadian art and as a visionary in Canadian landscape art and is best known as a leading member of the Group of Seven. 

    While his urban and Algoma paintings of the late 1910s and early 1920s were characterized by rich, bright colours and decorative compositional motifs, the discovery of Lake Superior as a source of subject material meant the depiction of what Jackson called a "sublime order".

    In 1930, Harris went on his last extended sketching trip, travelling to Greenland, the Canadian Arctic and Labrador aboard the Royal Canadian Mounted Police supply ship and ice breaker, the SS. Beothic, for two months, during which time he completed over 50 sketches. The resulting Arctic canvases that he developed from the oil panels marked the end of his landscape period.

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