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tom thomson

art by Tom Thomson | Somerville Editions

Experience the light and shadows captured by plein air artist - Tom Thomson.

art by Maud Lewis  | Somerville Editions

Maud Lewis is Canada's number one folk artist, a maritime icon.

historical art by FA Hopkins | Somerville Editions


featuring such artists as Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, Frances Anne Hopkins and their contemporaries.

wildlife art by Carl Rungius | Somerville Editions


featuring such artists as Carl Rungius, Frederic Remington, Archibald Thorburn and their contemporaries.

Rose art by Redouté | Somerville Editions


featuring such artists as John Nugent Fitch, John Gould and their contemporaries.

art by WJ Phillips | MB Loates Publishing

featuring such artists as Walter J. Phillips (left), Paul Jacoulet (right) and others.

Each Griffin edition is specially crafted with selected art paper and techniques.

art by Paul Jacoulet | MB Loates Publishing


Based upon Audubon's Original works, presented in a deluxe wooden case. The publisher's private inventory from the initial release in 1989.

art by JJ Audubon | MB Loates Edition


"the finest recreation of Audubon's work I have ever seen. It is a monumental effort that will go down in history."

Ron Dodson, Audubon scholar,

Times Union Newspaper, March 12, 1989


"Finally, 150 years after his first lithograph, John James Audubon will be satisfied."

Mary Dee Ellis, Audubon scholar,

Audubon Memorial Museum and State Park,

Henderson, Kentucky

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