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Intelliquad the art of colour ~ redefined





Our leading edge of technology in creative art has pioneered new techniques in the true spirit of a private press. This pursuit of excellence in colour reproduction has culminated in new approaches to lithography, creating a new technique of "screenless" printing known as the Omni™, Phoenix™ and Bertone™ processes.


The same exacting process has been applied whether using giclée or a hand-worked letterpress.


Four Colour Process Lithography  "the process of colour ~ redefined."

  • a depth of colour previously unattainable on uncoated paper, intelliquad is a must for all your printing needs


Prepress Option

  • a solution for your prepress to turn any file into the intelliquad™ process of colour


Digital Printing Option  "the art of colour ~ redefined."

  • with todays demanding digitial printing in the giclée manner, enhanced colour and detail



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